Berkeley Buzz

Welcome to the Berkeley Buzz!  

Here you'll find my favorite hidden (or so I like to think) gems of Berkeley!  Go Bears!  

First up....a couple of my favorite Fourth Street clothing stores!

Jest Jewels has an excellent location right in the heart of the Fourth Street shopping district and is conveniently located next to a coffee & bagel shop.  The owners of Jest Jewels travel around the world and stock the shelves of this dreamy little store with various items from their ventures.  The prices can be a bit high scale but they also have fairly frequent sales--and there's one going on right now!  Last week, I purchased a handmade bracelet from France for $1--yes, one dollar!-- from a sale basket out front!

Around the corner from Jest Jewels (technically on Delaware Street) is another delicious little shop called Sola Lucy!

Sola Lucy is what is locally known as a "green" clothing store.  Customers can come here to trade and buy "gently used" clothing.  Don't get me wrong--I love finding cool stuff at the Salvation Army, but this is no Salvation Army!  The clothes, shoes, and accessories here look brand new and they're designer names!  I got a pair of Banana Republic jeans for $25!  

Stay tuned for more Berkeley Buzz! 

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