Creative Bites

Come on in & have a bite... A CREATIVE BITE!

Here I'll share with you doses of creativity-fun little jolts of inspiration that you can try at home!  

This will be a collection of my own unique projects as well as ideas that I've found in books, magazines, and that vast universe known as the internet!

Here we go!

Today's Creative Bite: Found Tools

Source: How to Be an Explorer of the World 
by Keri Smith

What to Do: Experiment with found writing utensils! 

My results:  I used two different kinds of writing utensils:  A Sharpie calligraphy pen & a charcoal pencil.  

I also decided to use found writing paper...a leftover over paper bag from the bagel shop where I got my pumpkin bagel this morning!

Today's Creative Bite: Share your passion!

Source: Rini

What to Do:  Take a hour...or even a few minutes to share your creative passion with someone else!

My results:  Today was my first day as a volunteer writing coach in Berkeley.  I met a cheerful, friendly eighth grade girl who has an exceptional ability to analyze and critique literature.  I also came across other enthusiastic and caring adults (many of them women) who want to help kids be better readers and writers. 

This poster in the "writing room" summed up the day:

Today's Creative Bite: Name It!

Source: Karen Benke's book Rip the Page: Adventures in Creative Writing 

What to Do:  Name five things (living or not) around your house.

** Feel free to modify this activity (as I did) & include something you see outside--in a tree, along a fence, the possibilities are endless!

My results:

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