Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Purse Potential

Create!  Transform!

We all have our favorite things.  A jacket...mug...or in this case, purse!  And just as in the story of The Velveteen Rabbit--our favorites begin to show signs of this "love" over time.  A chip here...a rip there.  We often disown or discard these things without much thought.  I almost did this (again) but then asked myself: 

What if I transformed this worn out purse into something new?  


  • A well "loved" purse
  • scrap material
  • ribbon
  • silver chain, lobster claw clasp, & large size link/hoop
  • mini glue gun

This project was not only fun to make but also a great reminder that we often overlook the potential of what's already there.  Not just the potential of the things we love but of the people that we love...including ourselves.

After all, even people can become worn out and faded over time.  Unfortunately, we start to treat ourselves (and one another) like dispensable items that can be thrown out and replaced.  We forget just how invaluable we are as human beings.  Our potential for growth and change is never diminished.  You and artists, writers, and creative beings...we can take what we've already got, gather our supplies, and use our imagination to make something new and wonderful.  We've got everything we need.

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