Monday, October 22, 2012

Take Ten!

I shared this video on Rini by Design's Facebook ( page this morning!  

The 10 minute concept inspired me to create this:

10 Creations You Can Make in 10 Minutes!

  • Write a Haiku-it's only three lines!  (1st line: 5 syllables, 2nd line: 7 syllables, 3rd line: 5 syllables)
  • Make a snack but find a way to do it creatively!  Arrange fruit in the shape of a heart, star, or flower; draw a face on your sandwich; or use cookie cutters to make snack time more fun!  *Extra points: Name your creation!
  • Draw a stick figure portrait of yourself, a friend, or even your cat!
  • Make a list-of anything!  Your favorite ice cream flavors, zoo animals, vacation destinations...It'll get that brainstorming part of your brain going!
  • Take a picture of something strange!  Could be in your house or around your neighborhood but it's often those odd things you notice that can inspire a story, poem, or song!
  • Write a funny paragraph-about what scares you!  Heights?  Spiders?  Creaky noises at night?   Turn it around & give it a silly ending!   
  • Design your own leaf creature!  Grab a sheet of paper, a crayon (or pencil), & a leaf!  Now put the leaf under the paper and color on the paper with the flat part of your crayon/pencil.  Then take your leaf rubbing and use it to draw something else!  Maybe your leaf picture might transform into a leaf dragon, monster, or a new kind of insect!
  • Build a sculpture!  Collect a handful of random items from around your house (paperclips, bottle caps, ribbon, empty toilet paper roll...) & use glue/tape as well as your awesome imagination to arrange them into a new piece of art!  *Extra points: Hold a special reception (with those yummy snacks of yours) to showcase your creative genius!
  • Write a short autobiography-of something inanimate!  Pick something...let's say your phone, purse, or favorite pair of shoes...and write their life story!  Where did they come from?  What's their passion?  What do they hate?  What do they hope to accomplish a year from now?
  • Put together a life recipe!  What kind of life are you making?  What goes into it?  How much?  What comes first?  Any helpful tips?  *Extra points: Grab a stack of magazines & make your recipe! Cut/glue photos (your ingredients) onto a large sheet of card stock (or whatever paper you have handy-you might even consider reusing a paper bag for this!).    *Double Bonus Points: Find a frame (or ribbon/yarn) for your masterpiece & hang it up-keep yourself inspired!
Sound too complicated?  I'll do this with you my friends!  
That's right, I'll do each of these ten activities myself & post my creations come visit again soon!

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