Monday, April 28, 2014

Blog Tour aka "Writer Unboxed"

Hi Friends!

It's been a while, hasn't it?  I'm glad to see a lot of people have still stopped to check in here and read my posts!  Thank you!

Some of you may have wondered what I've been up to these many months that I haven't been furiously blogging and sharing project ideas with my fellow creative souls.  Well, here's the truth...

I've been WRITING!  Really, truly writing my book like every good little writer should! Okay, so I may have taken the time to attend a writer conference or two as well! ;)

I most recently attended the San Francisco Writers Conference [] and it was there that I met some of my colleagues.  

As it happens, I was invited by one of my new writer friends, C.M. Riordan, to take part in a blog tour.   You can check out her writing journey here:

As for mine, well here goes!

What am I working on? 

A middle grade fantasy about an eleven year old girl who discovers that she can use her gift to save her mother's life.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

My story is driven by character as much as plot.  My main character, Nora, really has to come to a place where she feels ready to do what she has to do in order to help out her friends and save her mom.   I think kids (and adults too!) can relate to the pressure that other people put on you to do something that you're just not prepared to do.  Ultimately, Nora comes to face her monsters with the strength of experience, friendship, and love!

Why do I write what I do? 

There are many reasons why I write, but as far as this book there are probably two major motivational forces behind it.

1)  I want kids and their families to keep believing in the impossible.  My dreams and my faith in the impossible have gotten me through a lot in my life and that's something that I wish for every reader.

2)  I really, REALLY want more books (and movies!) out there that feature girls as the hero!  I want girls to be seen as gifted, strong, and brave--even when bravery doesn't come easily!

How does my writing process work? 

So for a few years, my writing process was more like me going to writers conferences, groups, and classes and talking about being a writer.  

Now there is nothing wrong with any of those things, but the best part of the writing process is when you actually START WRITING!   

The writing process works when you let go of your fear of messing up and you just let your imagination run wild!  Because if we don't use our gifts, then the world may very well come to an end.  And we can't let that happen!  Instead, we must push forward and let our talent shine into the world even when we're afraid and it feels like we're in it all alone.  Because the truth is that as we keep taking those steps, however small, there are others stepping forward right alongside us! 

HAPPY MONDAY FRIENDS!  Stay tuned for more blog posts and tours and such...



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  1. I'm right there with you on more young female protags. It's great to see some big movies like Catching Fire & Divergent showing kickass girls in theaters, but there still feels like a lack of girls at the MG level. Good luck with your writing!